Gallery 4 - The BR years

D9009/55009 in BR ownership: 1961-1982

King's Cross
Sporting FP white cab window surrounds, 55009 is seen at Kings Cross with 1L42 12.20 stopper to York on February 26th 1981. (Gary Thornton)
King's Cross
55009 is captured at Kings Cross after working the 08.36 ex Peterborough. (Gary Thornton)
King's Cross
55009 stands 'on the blocks' at Kings Cross after working 1G00, having replaced sister DPS machine 55019 at Peterborough. (Gary Thornton)
St Neots
Having lost its white windows upon transfer from FP to YK, 55009 speeds through St Neots with 1E10 09.10 Dundee-Kings Cross on July 27th 1981. (Gary Thornton)
A photostop at Montrose during the Grampian Deltic railtour on December 12th 1981 is the setting for this shot. By this date, the Deltics had less than a month left in BR service. (Mike Cooper)
55 009 waits at York with the Liverpool sercice on December 27th !981. (poworoy collection)
Doncaster Works
After withdrawal, but prior to its purchase by the DPS, 55009 is started up at the famous Doncaster Works Open Day in February 1982. (Richard Senior)
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D9015/55015 in BR ownership: 1961-1982

55015 approaches Doncaster with the 1405 King's Cross-Yotk on October 18th 1981. (poworoy collection)
55015 stands at York after working 1E50 2150 Liverpool-York on December 27th 1981. (poworoy collection)
Pausing at Doncaster 55015 works north on 1F50 January 2nd 1982.(poworoy collection)
On April 9th 1981, 55015 passes the signalbox at Kinnaber whist working the 12.40 Aberdeen-Edinburgh. (Mike Cooper)
55015 stands at Montrose with the 12.40 Aberdeen-Edinburgh on February 2nd 1981. (Mike Cooper)
Finsbury Park
Having hauled its last train in BR ownership earlier in the day, 55015 stands at Haymarket on January 2nd 1982. Anyone care to own up to being one of those doing the number rubbing? (Mike Cooper) Reply: The number rubbing individuals are Ritchie MacDonald and John McKenzie... I should know... John McKenzie
Edinburgh Waverley, with 55015 at the head of the 11.25 Edinburgh-Plymouth on September 20th 1981. (Mike Cooper)
A view at Aberdeen Ferryhill on October 24th 1981 after 55015 had worked north with the DPS 'Deltic Salute' railtour. (Mike Cooper)
King's Cross
On a wet October 22nd 1980, 55015 is seen at Kings Cross. (Gary Thornton)
Offord Cluney
Tulyar passes Offord Cluney with 1A13 09.36 Hull-Kings Cross on July 27th 1981. (Gary Thornton)
55015 stands at the head of 1S12 (05.50 Kings Cross-Aberdeen) at Dunbar on August 15th 1981. (Gary Thornton)
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D9019/55019 in BR ownership: 1961-1982

King's Cross
55019 stands alongside an HST at Kings Cross after working 1A07 (08.07 York-Kings Cross). (Gary Thornton)
55019 swings into Selby on September 20th 1981. (poworoy collection)
55019 had required assistance from Peterborough in the shape of 31 175 whilst working 0550 Kings Cross-Aberdeen on November 14th 1981. The loco was taken out of traffic at York. (poworoy collection)
Barrow Hill
55019 stands at Barrow Hill during an Open Day on October 5th 1980. Little did anybody know that in 2003, the DPS would open a depot here, where 55019 would be based. (Gary Thornton)
King's Cross
A rather dirty 55019 stands at Kings Cross on October 22nd 1980. (Gary Thornton)
Doncaster Works
Doncaster Works is the setting for this view of 55019 on February 27th 1982, taken during an Open Day which allowed visitors to see and photograph the withdrawn Deltics. (Richard Senior)
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King's Cross: 1980-1981

Looking rather splendid after a repaint, 55009 stands at Kings Cross after arrival on October 22nd 1981. (Gary Thornton)
On February 26 1981, 55008 The Green Howards leaves 'The Cross' hauling the 14.03 to York. (Gary Thornton)
Having worked the 21.20 overnight from Aberdeen, 55004 Queens Own Highlader stands alongside 40028 on April 24 1981. (Gary Thornton)
55004 and a Peak (46031) at King's Cross on April 22nd 1981. (Gary Thornton)
55009 55012
A pair of racehorses (55012 Crepello and 55009 Alycidon) with the 12.05 to Hull and 12.20 to York respectively on February 265500 1981. (Gary Thornton)
55019 at Kings Cross, having arrived on 1B16, 07.50 ex Peterborough on January 8 1981. (Gary Thornton)
55008 55011 55018
On April 10 1980, three locos are in view here - 55018/08 in the foreground, while 55011 lurks in the distance. (Gary Thornton)
55011 at King's Cross on September 13 1980. (Gary Thornton)

55003 makes a smoky departure from Kings Cross on April 10 1980. (Gary Thornton)
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