Mainline workings for D9009 & 55019 in preservation

This page is an attempt to chronicle all the main line workings undertaken by D9009 Alycidon and 55019 Royal Highland Fusilier in preservation. It is a 'work in progress' and currently details workings for 1999 to 2001, 2012 and 2013.


May 5th 1999
D9009: Barrow Hill-Crewe (light engine)
May 8th 1999
55019: Crewe-Castleton & return (test run – Black 5 45407 in formation on outward leg)
May 11th 1999
55019: Crewe-Carlisle & return (D9009 dead in train formation)
May 12th 1999
55019: Crewe-York-Manchester-Shap-Carlisle-S&C-York-Crewe (crew training run)
May 13th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Winsford (test run – 55019 in train formation as backup loco)
55019: Winsford-Crewe (return of aborted test run)
May 14th 1999
55019: Crewe-Hellifield-Crewe circular (crew training run – also used D172 for part of run)
May 15th 1999
D9009+55019: Crewe-Speke Junction & return (fault diagnosis run)
May 17th 1999
55019: Crewe-Liverpool & return (ECS)
May 20th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Carnforth & return (55019 in train formation as backup loco)
May 21st 1999
D9009: Crewe-York (ECS, 55019 on rear)
55019: York-Bounds Green (ECS, D9009 on rear)
May 22nd 1999
55019: Bounds Green-King’s Cross (ECS)
D9009: King’s Cross-York (DPS tour)
D9009: York-King’s Cross (DPS tour)
55019: King’s Cross-York (DPS tour)
55019: York-King’s Cross (DPS tour)
D9009: King’s Cross-Bounds Green (ECS)
May 23rd 1999
55019: Bounds Green-York (ECS, D9009 dead on train)
55019: York-Cheadle Hulme (ECS, D9009 on read of train)
D9009: Cheadle Hulme-Winsford-Crewe (ECS, 55019 on rear of train) (NB train had been diverted owing to blockage of line.)
May 26th 1999
55019: Crewe-Liverpool (ECS, D9009 on rear of train)
D9009: Shrewsbury-Hereford (Welsh Marches steam tour, 55019 on rear of train)
55019: Hereford-Liverpool (Welsh Marches steam tour, D9009 on rear of train)
D9009: Liverpool-Crewe (ECS, 55019 on rear of train)
May 30th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Manchester Picc (ECS, 55019 on rear of train)
55019: Manchester Picc-Wembley (Manchester City ‘footex’, D9009 on rear of train)
D9009: Wembley-Manchester Picc (Manchester City ‘footex’, 55019 on rear of train)
55019: Manchester Picc-Crewe (ECS, D9009 on rear of train)
June 9th 1999
55019: Crewe-York (ECS)
55019: York-Manchester-Shap-Carlisle (S&C Discoverer)
55019: Carlisle-S&C-York (S&C Discoverer)
55019: York-Crewe (ECS)
June 12th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Hellifield-Appleby (light engine)
D9009: Appleby-Leeds (VSOE British Pullman)
D9009: Leeds-Newcastle (ECS)
D9009: Newcastle-Dunbar (VSOE British Pullman)
D9009: Dunbar-Newcastle (VSOE British Pullman)
June 13th 1999
D9009: Newcastle-York (ECS)
D9009: York-Appleby (VSOE British Pullman)
D9009: Appleby-York (light engine)
D9009: York-Stewarts Lane (ECS)
D9009: Stewarts Lane-Crewe (light engine)
June 17th 1999
55019: Crewe-West Somerset Railway (light engine – to collect 50017)
55019: West Somerset Railway-Crewe (hauling 50017)
June 18th 1999
55019: Crewe-Carnforth-Crewe (backup loco for certification run of 47705)
June 23rd 1999
55019: Crewe-York (ECS), York-Hereford-York (Welsh Marches), York-Crewe (ECS) (NB: These trains were performed by 55019 and D172)
June 25th 1999
55019: Liverpool-Hellifield-Liverpool (Dalesman Circular)
55019: Crewe-Stewarts Lane (hauling 34027)
55019: Stewarts Lane-Crewe (light engine)
June 29th 1999
55019: Crewe-Neville Hill (ECS)
55019: Neville Hill-Crewe (light engine)
July 7th 1999
55019: Liverpool-Hereford (Welsh Marches)
55019: Hereford-Liverpool (Welsh Marches)
July 8th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Springs Branch (backup loco for certification run of 50017 – D9009 powered from Warrington following failure of Class 50)
D9009: Springs Branch-Crewe (hauling 50017 & stock)
July 10th 1999
55019: Crewe-Marcroft (light engine)
55019: Marcroft-Old Oak Common (Forward Trust ‘Motorail’ stock movement)
55019: Old Oak Common-Crewe (light engine)
July 12th 1999
55019: Crewe-East Lancs Railway (hauling 50017 for repainting)
55019: East Lancs Railway-Crewe (light engine)
July 15th 1999
55019: Crewe-York (ECS)
55019: York-Manchester-Shap-Carlisle (S&C Discoverer)
55019: Carlisle-S&C-York (S&C Discoverer)
55019: York-Crewe (ECS)
July 17th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Newcastle (DPS railtour, 55019 dead in train)
55019: Newcastle-Stirling (DPS railtour)
55019: Stirling-Newcastle (DPS railtour)
D9009: Newcastle-Crewe(DPS railtour, 55019 dead in train)
July 24th 1999
D9009 & 55019: Crewe-Barrow Hill (light engine – for display)
July 26th 1999
D9009 & 55019: Barrow Hill-Crewe (via Midland Railway Centre to return 44004 and 50007)
August 6th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Hellifield-Crewe (Dalesman)
55019: Top and Tail loco for part of Dalesman
August 10th 1999
55019: Crewe-Old Oak Common (ECS)
55019: Old Oak Common-Stafford (light engine)
55019: Stafford-Crewe Basford Hall (Freightliner)
August 14th 1999
55019: Crewe-Bristol (ECS)
55019: Bristol-Edinburgh-Glasgow (Edinburgh Military Tattoo tour)
August 15th 1999
55019: Glasgow-Bristol (Edinburgh Military Tattoo tour) 55019: Bristol-Crewe (ECS)
August 18th 1999
D9009 & 55019: Crewe-Stewarts Lane (light engine)
55019: Stewarts Lane-Victoria (ECS, D9009 on rear)
D9009: Victoria-York (Races special)
D9009: York-Victoria (Races special)
55019: Victoria-Stewarts Lane (ECS, D9009 on rear)
D9009 & 55019: Stewarts Lane-Crewe (llight engine)
August 24th 1999
D9009: Crewe-London (ECS)
D9009: King’s Cross-Darlington North Road (Rail 2000 charter)
D9009: Darlington North Road-Crewe (ECS)
August 27th 1999
55019: Crewe-Stewarts Lane (light engine)
August 28th 1999
55019: Victoria-Liverpool (VSOE British Pullman)
55019: Liverpool-Victoria (VSOE British Pullman)
55019: Stewarts Lane-Wolverhampton (light engine)
August 31st 1999
55019: Wolverhampton-Crewe (light engine)
September 1st 1999
55019: Crewe-East Lancs Railway (with 37029)
55019: East Lancs Railway-Crewe (towing 50017 following repaint)
September 3rd 1999
D9009: Crewe-Hellifield-Crewe (Dalesman – also featured 45407 & 55019)
55019: Top and Tail loco for part of Dalesman
September 8th 1999
55019: Crewe-York (ECS)
55019: York-Hereford (Welsh Marches)
55019: Hereford-York (Welsh Marches)
55019: York-Crewe (ECS)
September 10th 1999
D9009 & 55019: Liverpool-Hellifield-Liverpool (Dalesman – train ran top and tail for part of tour)
September 15th 1999
D9009: Crewe-York (ECS)
D9009: York-Manchester-Shap-Carlisle (S&C Discoverer)
D9009: Carlisle-S&C-York (S&C Discoverer)
D9009: York-Crewe (ECS)
September 25th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Wolverhampton (ECS – with 50017)
September 26th 1999
D9009: Wolverhampton-Bournemouth (Labour Party conference special)
D9009: Bournemouth-Weymouth (ECS)
D9009: Weymouth-Bournemouth (ECS)
D9009: Bouremouth-Wolverhampton (return of charter)
D9009: Wolverhampton-Crewe (ECS)
Note: Above trains also featured 50017
September 28th 1999
55019: Crewe-York (ECS)
55019: York-Bournemouth (Labour Party conference special)
55019: Bournemouth-York (Labour Party conference special)
55019: York-Crewe (ECS)
October 6th 1999
D9009: Crewe-York (ECS)
D9009: York-Hereford (Welsh Marches)
D9009: Hereford-York (Welsh Marches)
D9009: York-Crewe (ECS)
October 8th 1999
55019: Crewe-Holyhead (private charter, replaced 50017 at Crewe)
55019: Holyhead-Euston (private charter)
55019: Euston-Crewe (ECS)
October 17th 1999
55019: Crewe-Edinburgh Craigentinny (light engine)
October 18th 1999
55019: Edinburgh-Aberdeen (Regency Rail)
55019: Aberdeen-Edinburgh (Regency Rail)
October 19th 1999
55019: Edinburgh-Perth-Euston (Regency Rail)
55019: Euston-Crewe (ECS)
October 20th 1999 

55019: Crewe-York (ECS)
55019: York-Manchester-Shap-Carlisle (S&C Discoverer)
55019: Carlisle-S&C-York (S&C Discoverer)
55019: York-Crewe (ECS)
October 22nd 1999
55019: Crewe-Stewarts Lane (light engine)
55019: Stewarts Lane-Birmingham International (ECS)
55019: Birmingham International-Chester-Birmingham International (British Pullman)
55019: Birmingham International-Oxley (ECS)
55019: Oxley-Crewe (light engine)
October 23rd 1999
55019: Crewe-Oxley (light engine)
55019: Oxley-Birmingham International (ECS)
55019: Birmingham International-Chester-Birmingham International (British Pullman)
55019: Birmingham International-Stewarts Lane (ECS)
55019: Stewarts Lane-Crewe (light engine)
October 27th 1999
55019: Crewe-Liverpool (ECS for Welsh Marches tour, main train hauled by D172 and 50017)
October 29th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Stewarts Lane (light engine)
D9009: Victoria-Preston (British Pullman)
D9009: Preston-Wakefield-Preston (British Pullman)
D9009: Preston-Crewe (ECS)
November 4th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Preston-Crewe (light engine run with 50017)
November 5th 1999
D9009+55019: Crewe-Clapham Yard (light engine)
November 6th 1999
55019: Clapham Yard-Victoria (ECS)
D9009: Victoria-Cardiff-Victoria (Queen of Scots)
55019: Victoria-Clapham Yard (ECS)
D9009+55019: Clapham Yard-Wolverhampton (light engine)
November 8th 1999
D9009+55019: Wolverhampton-Crewe (light engine)
November 9th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Stewarts Lane (light engine)
D9009: Stewarts Lane-Manchester Vic (ECS)
D9009: Manchester Vic-Harrogate (British Pullman private charter)
D9009: Harrogate-York Holgate (ECS)
D9009: York Holgate-Harrogate (ECS)
D9009: Harrogate-Manchester Vic (British Pullman private charter)
D9009: Manchester Vic-Stewarts Lane (ECS)
D9009: Stewarts Lane-Crewe (light engine)
November 13th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Shrewsbury (ECS)
D9009: Shrewsbury-Bangor-Shrewsbury (Macmillan Appeal charter)(assisted by Black 5 45407 for part of journey)
D9009: Shrewsbury-Crewe (ECS)
November 19th 1999
D9009: Liverpool LS-Hellifield-Liverpool LS (Dalesman)
November 26th 1999
D9009: Crewe-York (ECS)
D9009: York/Doncaster circular (Dalesman)
D9009: York-Crewe (ECS)
November 27th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Stafford (ECS)
D9009: Stafford-Chester-Edinburgh (Edinburgh Xmas Experience)
D9009: Edinburgh-Chester-Stafford (Edinburgh Xmas Experience)
D9009: Stafford-Crewe (ECS)
November 29th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Wolverton-Crewe (EWSForward Trust stock move)
December 4th 1999
D9009: Crewe-Wolverhampton (ECS)
D9009: Wolverhampton-Edinburgh (Edinburgh Xmas Experience)
D9009: Edinburgh-Wolverhampton (Edinburgh Xmas Experience)
D9009: Wolverhampton-Crewe (ECS)
December 4th 1999
55019: Crewe-Winsford and return

December 9th 1999
D9009: Chester-Crewe-Hellifield/Carnforth (Dalesman)
December 10th 1999
The trains below ran in top and tail formation.
D9009+55019: Crewe-Euston (ECS)
D9009+55019: Euston-Liverpool LS (Cunarder)
D9009+55019: Liverpool LS-Crewe (ECS)
December 11th 1999
55019: Crewe-Blackpool North (ECS)
55019: Blackpool North-Crewe (ECS)
December 13th 1999
55019: Crewe-Liverpool LS (ECS), Afternoon Dalesman top & tail loco
D9009: Liverpool LS-Hellifield/Carnforth (Dalesman)
December 16th 1999
55019: Crewe-Bounds Green/King’s Cross (ECS)
December 18th 1999
D9009: Crewe-York (ECS for railtour, aborted due to loco failure)
D9009: York-Crewe (ECS)
55019: Bounds Green-Crewe (light engine)
December 21st 1999
D9009: Crewe-Liverpool LS (ECS) Power unit failure

January 20th 2000

D9009+55019: Crewe-Barrow Hill (light engine)

January 26th 2000

55019: Barrow Hill-Crewe (light engine)

February 7th 2000

55019: Crewe-Carnforth & return (test run)

February 11th 2000

55019: Crewe-Carnforth & return (test run)

February 25th 2000

55019: Crewe-Heaton (ECS for DPS railtour)

February 26th 2000

55019: Newcastle-King's Cross & return (DPS railtour)

February 27th 2000

55019: Heaton-Crewe (ECS following DPS railtour)

March 4th 2000

55019: Crewe-Chester (then dragged DIT to Motherwell behind 47488 on Regency/Pathfinder tour)

55019: Motherwell-Fort William (Regency/Pathfinder 'Monarch of the Glen')

March 5th 2000

55019: Fort William-Motherwell (Regency/Pathfinder 'Monarch of the Glen') then DIT to Chester and light engine to Crewe.

March 16th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester (ECS), Manchester-Cheltenham (Gold Cup Special), Cheltenham-St Philips Marsh (ECS) and return as outward.

April 8th 2000

55019: Crewe-Heaton (ECS for football special)

April 9th 2000

55019: Newcastle-King's Cross & return (football special), Newcastle-Crewe (ECS)

May 11th 2000

55019: Crewe-Stoke Marcroft (light engine), Stoke Marcroft-Old Oak Common (Motorail van movement), Old Oak Common-Eastleigh Works (with barrier coach).

May 12th 2000

55019: Eastleigh Works-Crewe (new Northern Belle stock movement)

May 13th 2000

55019: Crewe-Yorkshire-Holyhead & return (DPS railtour)

May 17th 2000

55019: Crewe-York-Grantham & return (Northern Belle shakedown run). ECS from Grantham to Peterborough

May 24th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester Vic (ECS), Manchester-Berwick & return (Northern Belle shakedown run), Manchester-Crewe (ECS)​

May 26th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester Vic (ECS), Manchester Vic-Llandudno Junction & return (Northern Belle shakedown run), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS)

May 31st 2000

55019: Liverpool-York-Grantham & return (Northern Belle inaugural)

June 2nd 2000

55019: Crewe-Birmingham Int (ECS), Birmingham Int-Crewe-Chester-Shrewsbury-Wolverhampton-Birmingham Int (Northern Belle lunch), Birmingham Int-Crewe (ECS)

June 3rd 2000

55019: Crewe-York (ECS), York-Waterloo & return (Northern Belle Millenium Experience). Top and tail with 47703.

June 4th 2000

55019: York-Crewe (ECS) DIT with 47703

June 9th 2000

55019: Liverpool-Barrow & return (Northern Belle lunch)

June 10th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester Vic (ECS), Manchester Vic-Llandudno Junc & return (Northern Belle dinner), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS)

June 14th 2000

55019: Crewe/Liverpool-Durham & return (Northern Belle)

June 16th 2000

55019: Crewe-Warrington BQ & return (to rescue 50017)

June 17th 2000

55019: Crewe-Birmingham-Sheffield-Workington, return direct to Crewe (Pathfinder 'Cumbrian Coasterman')

June 22nd 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester Vic (ECS), Manchester Vic-Ascot & return (to Alton for stabling), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS)

June 28th 2000

55019: Crewe-Hereford & return (light engine for shunt release)

July 5th 2000

55019: Crewe-York (ECS), York-Manchester-Carlisle-York-Manchester (Northern Belle), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS)

July 28th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester Vic (ECS), Manchester Vic-Copy Pit-Blackburn-Manchester Vic (Northern Belle dinner), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS)

July 29th 2000

55019: Crewe-Neville Hill (light engine), Neville Hill-Bradford FS (Top/Tail with 47701), Bradford FS-Appleby & return (British Pullman), Bradford FS-Crewe (light engine)

August 4th 2000

55019: Liverpool-Barrow & return (Northern Belle lunch)

August 5th 2000

55019: Crewe-Victoria (DIT), Victoria-Edinburgh (Northern Belle private charter) then to Craigentinny for stabling

August 6th 2000

55019: Craigentinny-Crewe

August 9th 2000

55019: Liverpool/Manchester-Hereford & return (Northern Belle)

August 12th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester (ECS), Manchester Vic-Edinburgh via WCML (Northern Belle)

August 13th 2000

55019: Edinburgh-Dundee & return (Northern Belle lunch)

August 14th 2000

55019: Edinburgh-Manchester Vic via WCML (Northern Belle), Manchester-Crewe (ECS)

August 16th 2000

55019: Crewe-Liverpool & return (ECS movement for Liverpool-Berwich charter)

August 21st 2000

55019: Liverpool-Waterloo & return (Northern Belle dome special). Top/Tail with 50017 which handed the ECS moves to Liverpool and between Waterloo & Clapham Yard

August 23rd 2000

55019: Crewe-York (ECS), York-Hereford (Northern Belle). Return leg handed by 50017 with 55019 removed from rear of train at Crewe

August 24th 2000

55019: Crewe-York NRM (light engine)

August 29th 2000

55019: York NRM-Crewe (light engine)

September 1st 2000

55019: Crewe-Newcastle (ECS), Newcastle-Edinburgh & return (Northern Belle lunch), Newcastle-Crewe (ECS)

September 6th 2000

55019: Crewe-York (ECS), York-Manchester-Carlisle-S&C-York-Manchester Vic (Northern Belle), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS)

September 7th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester Vic (ECS), Manchester-York-Grantham & return (Northern Belle), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS)

September 16th 2000

55019: Crewe-York (ECS), York-Hartlepool-Sunderland-Durham-York (Northern Belle private charter)

September 17th 2000

55019: York-Crewe (ECS)

September 20th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester-York-Berwick, returning to Liverpool LS (Northern Belle)

September 22nd 2000

55019: Crewe-York (ECS), York-Hartlepool-Sunderland-Durham-York (Northern Belle lunch), York-Crewe (ECS)

September 23rd 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester Vic (ECS), Manchester-Bath & return via Welsh Marches (Northern Belle), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS). Also ran from Bath to Westbury for stabling.

September 27th 2000

55019: Crewe-York (ECS), York-Hereford (Northern Belle). Return leg handed by 50017 with 55019 removed from rear of train at Crewe

September 28th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester Vic (ECS), Manchester Vic-Waterloo & return (Northern Belle dome special), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS)

September 29th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester Vic (ECS), Manchester Vic-Copy Pit-Blackburn-Manchester Vic (Northern Belle), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS)

September 30th 2000

55019: Crewe-Carlisle (ECS), Carlisle-S&C-Blackburn-Preston-Carlisle (Northern Belle), Carlisle-Crewe (ECS)

October 3rd 2000

55019: Crewe-York (light engine), York-Leeds (ECS), Leeds-Scarborough (British Pullman private charter - DIT on return), Leeds-Crewe (light engine)

October 5th 2000

55019: Crewe-Manchester Vic (ECS), Manchester Vic-York-Grantham & return (Northern Belle), Manchester Vic-Crewe (ECS), Also ran from Grantham to Peterborough for stabling

October 6th 2000

55019: Liverpool-Barrow (Northern Belle, DIT on return), Liverpool-Crewe (ECS)

January 15th 2001

55019: Crewe-Stoke-Toton-Barrow Hill (light engine), Barrow Hill-Beighton-Moorthorpe-York NRM (hauling D1023+D8000)

April 23rd 2001

55019: Battersby-Grosmont (hauling D1023, D8000 and 33021 – the Class 33 had hauled the convoy from York)

May 7th 2001

55019: York-Doncaster-Lincoln-Peterborough-Nene Valley Railway (light engine) (Loco had moved to York the previous week DIT)

July 26th 2001

D9009: Barrow Hill-Fragonset Derby (light engine)

August 2nd 2001

D9009: Fragonset Derby-Hope Valley-WCML-Carlisle (light engine)

August 4th 2001

D9009: Carlisle-Glasgow Central (dead on rear of private charter hauled by D9000), Glasgow Central-Carnforth (ECS, loaded test run)

August 11th 2001

D9009: Carnforth-Preston (ECS), Preston-Manchester Vic-Bradford Int-York-Newcastle-Carlisle (DPS Charter), Carlisle-Kingmoor-Carlisle (ECS), Carlisle-S&C-Shipley-Huddersfield-Manchester Vic-Preston (DPS Charter), Preston-Carnforth (ECS)

August 22nd 2001

D9009: Carnforth-Barrow Hill (light engine)

October 18th 2001

D9009: Barrow Hill-Carnforth (ECS)

October 20th 2001

D9009: Carnforth-Preston (ECS), Preston-Manchester-Wakefield-York (rr)-Peterborough-Ely (DPS Charter, 55019 on rear from Peterborough)

55019:  Wansford-Peterborough (light engine), Ely-Norwich (DPS Charter, D9009 on rear)

D9009: Norwich-Acle-Great Yarmouth (DPS Charter)

55019: Great Yarmouth-Peterborough (via Wensum curve/Ely avoider) (D9009 DIT) (DPS Charter0

55019+D9009: Peterborough-York (DPS Charter)

D9009+55019: York-Preston (DPS Charter), Preston-Carnforth (ECS)

October 22nd 2001

55019+D9009: Carnforth-Barrow Hill (light engine)

July 24th 2012

D9009: Castleton-WCML-Acton-Wembley (Light Engine)

July 25th 2012

D9009: King’s Cross-Edinburgh (A1 Steam Loco Trust ‘The Elizabethan’)

D9009: Millerhill-Edinburgh (ECS)

D9009: Edinburgh-Warrington (Light Engine)

September 25th 2012

D9009: Castleton-York (hauling 55002+55019)

D9009: York-Barrow Hill (hauling 55019)

April 5th 2013

D9009: Barrow Hill-Derby (light engine), Barrow Hill-Crewe (hauled by Class 31 due to lack of traincrew)

April 6th 2013

D9009: Crewe-York-ECML-Edinburgh, Edinburgh-Carlisle-Tyne Valley-ECML-York-Crewe (Pathfinder ‘Eidyn Burgh Scot’)

April 8th 2013

D9009: Crewe-Bury ELR (light engine)

April 24th 2013

D9009: Bury ELR-Alton (Mid Hants Railway) (hauling 37109, 33109, 20087 and D1501)

April 30th 2013

D9009: Alton (Mid Hants Railway)-ELR (hauling 37109, 33109, 20087 and D1501), ELR-Barrow Hill (light engine)

May 2nd 2013

D9009: Barrow Hill-Lydney (Dean Forest Railway) (hauling 33108, 37521 and 55019)

May 3rd 2013

D9009 Lydney (Dean Forest Railway)-Swanage (hauling 31466, 33108, 37521 and 55019)

May 21st 2013

D9009: Swanage-Didcot Railway Centre (hauling 31466, 33108, 37521 and 55019)

May 29th 2013

D9009: Didcot Railway Centre-Lydney (hauling 31466, 33108, 37521 and 55019), Lydney-Barrow Hill (hauling 33108, 37521 and 55019)

June 10th 2013

D9009: Barrow Hill-Millerhill (light engine)

June 11th 2013

D9009: Millerhill-Edinburgh (light engine), Edinburgh-Millerhill-Edinburgh (ECS), Edinburgh-King’s Cross (A1 Steam Loco Trust ‘The Elizabethan)

June 12th 2013

D9009: hauled by Class 92 Wembley-Warrington, then Warrington-Bury ELR (light engine)

June 29th 2013

D9009: Bescot-Tame Bridge Parkway (ECS), Tame Bridge Parkway-Penzance & return (Pathfinder ‘The Cornishman’), Tame Bridge Parkway-Bescot (ECS)

September 10th 2013

D9009: Bury ELR-Kidderminster SVR (light engine), Kidderminster SVR-York (hauling D1062+D821)

September 14th 2013

D9009: Grosmont-Whitby (NYMR service), Whitby-Egton (NYMR service – should have run to Battersby but curtailed due to bridge strike by a road vehicle), Egton-Grosmont (propelling), Whitby-Grosmont (NYMR service – tailed D7628 Grosmonth-Whitby)

September 17th 2013

D9009: Grosmont NYMR-Kidderminster SVR (hauling D1062+D821)