At the DPS depot - September 19th

A report from Geoff Brain and Mike Hallam-Rudd, with pictures copyright Dave Greenwood

Yet another good day with plenty done in many areas.  Graham and Darrell had a meeting to work out where each loco and the bogies are to be placed in readiness for the return of No 8's cab on 1st October. This was followed by another short meeting joined by Dave G and Mike HR to discuss the location of the 2 new depot heaters so that Dave can contact a local Flue Fabricator, the volunteers are looking forward to a warm winter. This will also help reduce the moisture in the building and be better for the electrical machines in the loco's.

Graham then continued his project on working out the jobs to do get No 9 back out on the mainline and No 15 ready for traffic. A detailed report has been submitted to the Board for discussion and fundraising.

Dave and Pete set about setting the timing on PU 451, see attached pictures, which is to then have a refurbished generator fitted prior to replacing PU 538 from 9, this unit is also in need of a refurbished generator and some remedial work.  As a point of interest each of these 2 refurbished generators we have have set us back between £13 & £14,000 and that is without any additional repair work being done. If you would like to donate towards the refurbishment of the 2 that are coming out, then please visit our Virgin Moneygiving page by CLICKING HERE. Mick & Martin worked on another PU as well as assisting Dave and Pete when required.

Alex carried on painting 9's bogies whilst Howard joined Bob in trying to release the seized adjusting bolts in the 8 P U Feet for 15. After much struggling Dave suggested using a tried and tested method which he has used many times and this eventually worked and another 3 freed off plus the 3 already done leaving 2 to do, plus Bob managed to free off all the seized bolts which retain the foot to the loco, few missing so a job for someone to search the stores for replacements.

Peter V continued with his cab heater project by fitting the covers to the units fitted previously to No 1 cab. We can now start to rebuild the cab fittings once Geoff has checked over the paintwork. This will be a big milestone for 15. Steve P continued inside 15 and it is slowly coming together, he is currently replacing all the flexi hoses on the bodyside drains and coolant pipes.  Nigel has now nearly completed the 'snagging' jobs in the cooler groups on 'A' side including fitting the broken rain drain connector. A start will be made soon on fitting the refurbished radiators, Darrell is erecting the scaffolding on Monday 21st so Geoff can check out any issues with the hinges etc.

Future Plans....we are trialling a Sunday working party starting this coming Sunday 27th September Initially these will be non-engineering days and the focus being on sorting and consolidating the stores and a general tidy of the depot. Subject to a group of more than 6 volunteers, those working on existing projects may be allowed to continue but depending on the workload.

Any members wishing to assist with this project please contact the VLO at the address details in DD or for non-members please use the website contact form.