Barrow Hill report - August 6th to 8th

Reports from Darrell Marsh (August 6th & 7th) and Beth Marsh (August 8th):

August 6th:

Five volunteers attend the depot for forklift refreshers. All passes and recertified for 2 years.

After finishing we then set out the depot for the reopening of Barrow Hill to the public on the 7th and 8th with a one way walking route created round Tulyar.

August 7th:

Today was the reopening day with a steady dream of visitors passing through the door to be met by David Smythe on the meet & greet stand. Many discussions took place. At the end of the one way system we had a small sales stand manned by Darrell and John Glover.

After Mike had prepped the loco 55019 had its brake test completed by Ray and Fiona and is now ready for the move to the GCR. Geoff completed polishing the loco before moving onto giving D9009 a clean to remove accumulated dust.

D9009 received more attention to the electrical repairs by Graham.

August 8th:

D9015: The remaining rivets was fitted securing the cant rail that runs the length of the locomotive, finishing the job from last week. A start has been made in refitting one of the two buffer surrounds at No.1 end of the locomotive. Other work saw the warning panel at No.2 end painted yellow.

No.8s Cab: With the tail light pockets now painted up attention turned to cleaning and polishing the lenses ready for refitting. Work then turned to inside with more progress on the new 'engine room'. The original back part of the cab has been stripped of loose paint and rubbed down in preparation to paint the entire space, a job that will continue over the next few weeks.

In other work now that Barrow Hill has reopened the remaining volunteers focused on providing a small sales stand and meet and greet personal to the visiting public. A range of display posters were added to the depot to provide some information about the status of our locomotives.