D9009 - Repairs authorised on damaged traction motors

The DPS is pleased to advise members and supporters that, at long last, full authorisation has been received from the society’s insurer to proceed with the repair of the six damaged traction motors, sustained when a huge power surge caused the calamitous failure of D9009 last March 3.

The traction motors had been removed at Burton on Trent where D9009 has resided ever since, and a preliminary assessment had been made by the repairer, Sulzer. The work to effect a full repair can now proceed.

This is by no means the end of the problems. Discussions continue with the insurer regarding the loss of revenues (4 rail tours were lost due to D9009’s non availability) and No. 2 generator also requires remedial work.

It has just been decided to bring D9009 back to Barrow Hill from Burton-in-Trent by road transporter - it is sitting on accommodation bogies. It will be far easier and cheaper to lift out the power unit with the damaged generator at Barrow Hill to enable a swap to be made (a conditioned generator is available which will then allow the damaged one to be sent away). Also returning to Barrow Hill will be the two bogies which were under D9009 on its ill-fated railtour.

One bogie which will be staying at Nemesis’ Burton depot will be the fabricated bogie originally under No. 9 which was exhibiting signs of one of its middle wheelsets being rubbed and marked. This is to be stripped by Nemesis to try and ascertain what was causing this long-standing problem.

A large amount of Society funds is still required to repair this defective bogie and the Virgin MoneyGiving account remains open for anyone kind enough to make a donation, however, small, however, large - please CLICK HERE to donate. Thanks are given in anticipation of your generosity.