Depot Activity - July 25th

Beth Marsh writes...

D9015 - The replacement of the flexible piping in the radiator bays was completed. Work continued on No.2 nose end, with the area now marked out for the yellow warning panel, the area was sanded down in preparation for painting. At No.1 nose end the buffers have been given a coat of red paint on the surround and a coat of silver on the buffer faces.

55019 - Continuing on from Saturday the loco has been getting polished externally and work continued on the inside with general tidying up. Also a bit of touching up of paint work was done in No.1 nose end following all the components previously being refitted.

No.8s Cab - The remainder of the cab has been painted BR Blue, all masking tape has been removed and only a couple of small touch ups to do to finish it off. The tail light pockets on the nose end have been cleaned and given a coat of paint, as well as the train heating box having a coat of undercoat. Work has also progressed inside with a continuation of fixing up the last of the trims on the roof section.

Depot - Progress has started on organising all of the tools in the Depot as part of an ongoing project to improve the facilities and make it easier for volunteers to get what they need.