Depot Activity Update

This weekend, we welcomed a new volunteer, Andy Brennan. a resident of Costa Rica and also Richie Conley who made his second visit. Both are serving or ex MOD with a wealth of knowledge and experience which could be invaluable to us.

The report below by Bethany Marsh and pictures provide an update on work carried out on Sunday 2nd May:

D9015 – Attention was paid to marking out the yellow warning panel on the nose and a thin coat of buff undercoat was applied. Continuation was made with masking off the windows ready for spraying and cleaning out the radiator sections also continued.

55008 – Attention was paid to the body work of No.8's cab, various areas were given the fill and sand treatment the main area being blending out the weld line created by extending the cab. Other work included the refitting of the nose end grills and a start was made to sanding and priming the nose end hatch doors.