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Depot Report 13th January 2024


After being shunted outside during the week the intention was to start Alycidon and continue testing the recent repairs.

Unfortunately the cold weather resulted in the batteries losing their charge so it wasn’t until mid afternoon after a combination of the sun warming the loco and the batteries being on charge again that the team were in a position to start it. A short period of testing was able to be undertaken before days end.


A start was made replacing the life expired windscreen washer hoses with modern replacements. The jammed head code blind at #2 end was removed, repaired on the bench and refitted. It works perfectly now.

The side cab windows received the first stage of their deep clean. The recently polished bodyside windows were installed temporarily. Final instalment of these will take place after the painting has been completed when the warmer weather arrives. The sticking handbrake at #1 end was rectified. Final fitting of the floor plating inside the access area continued.


The overhauled traction motor contacters arrived back at the depot and were fitted in place.


Work continued on the cosmetic restoration of the steam heat boiler and general housekeeping.

Thanks to Pete x 2,Steve x3, Alex, Mick, Mike, Martin, Rod, Dan, Richard, Nigel x2, Bill, Andy, John, William, Beth and Geoff.

1st photo: Alex Stojanovic

2nd photo: Pete Stojanovic

3rd & 4th photos: Nigel Julian

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