Depot Report - Saturday 13th November 2021


Today saw Pete and Mick connect up the roof and PU451, most of it is all complete and will be finished off on Wednesday. It will also see all the oil filled into it then it’s ready for the start button to be pressed (when the electrics are done)!

Alex got to work touching up the Silver Buffers and painted the speedometer cable the correct colour, Silver.

Steve was replacing the Body-to-bogie straps, to replace the old, outdated ones what were on the loco, luckily the new ones came with the new bogies the loco has!

Fiona and Howard made a start of lubricating the conduit to feed the main cables for the Traction Motors from the loco down to the new bogies.

Graham and Richard got through the last few cables to be soldered, and 2/6 of the Electrical Terminals came back from overhaul. They also found 2 further suspect old cables with dodgy ends, these were stripped, remetaled and remade.


Nigel continued with riveting the No1 ends drivers sides footsteps, one needs finishing off then it’s onto No2 end.

Pete V continued with the electrical project by wiring up the fire system.

Alex got to work in No2 end touching up and repainting white pipes in the cab and nose end.

Alex, Pete, Mike, Fiona, Mick and Steve all moved in one of the locos new bogies what were formerly under 55009 into the depot to keep it dry and mostly to protect the traction motors from the elements.

Depot/Other work:

Mike spent all day with assistance from others when needed tidying up the Depot after the PU swap on Wednesday.

Chris Nesbitt from the EVR arrived in the morning to sign the contract for 2022 for the visit of 55019, full details to be released 16th November 2021 12:00hrs on the DPS & EVR sites. Mike hosted potential new volunteer Simon McElroy with a Depot Tour and introduction; Simon is looking to mainly join the mid-week activities.

Everyone got to work to push the Warflat with the Power Units on up to D9015’s bogie, approx 50 tons.

All pictures by Alex Stojanovic, text by Alex Stojanovic & with additions by Mike Hallam-Rudd.