Depot report - August 22nd 2021

Beth Marsh writes:

D9015: Work continued with the buffer beam area at No.1 end. Several items have been degreased and cleaned up and repainted the according colours.

No.8's Cab: Work started on fitting the tail light lenses. New tabs had to be made to support and hold the lenses in place which was a bit of trail and error job, one of the two is now fitted with the other to do next time. Other work included varnishing the exterior of the cab, this will help us keep the cab clean and protect the colour from fading over time. The train heating box from the inside of the cab has been given a top coat of Flake Grey Gloss, and some of the dial parts from the front have been cleaned up. The cab side doors have had the wooden edge varnished and are now ready for handles refitting. The chrome parts from the cab are now finished and ready to pick up so should be fitted over the next several weeks.

Depot: In other areas volunteers attended to working the small sales stand and holding a meet and greet service to the visitors visiting Barrow Hill.