Depot report - Monday 30th August

Beth Marsh reports:

D9015 - Work continued with the painting of the bodywork, the remainder of the lower skirt section and around the cab windows at No.2 end have been given a top coat of paint. Attention was also paid to the area around one of the engine room windows, the area was rubbed down and primed. Work also continued with the cleaning up and painting of the buffer beam and ETH box at No.1 end.

No. 8's Cab - The second of the 2 tail light lenses were refitted after new tabs were made to hold them in place. The overhead wires transfers were applied to the nose end. Work continued in the back section rubbing down areas of old flaky paint in preparation for painting. Other work saw a start made to polishing up the frames of the front windows.

Depot - In other areas attention was paid to cutting back an area of overgrown shrubbery blocking the route round the side of the depot.

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