Depot Report - October 24th 2021

Beth Marsh writes...

D9009: A couple of small jobs were completed on the locomotive in preparation for the upcoming power unit change. Other tasks included the cleaning and painting of the repaired set of bogies.

D9015: Work continued with the building up of the air system with more parts refitted to the locomotive. Also, some more painting was done on the buffers for No.2 end.

No.8s Cab: Progress has been made in refitting the cab door on the driver’s side. Before the door could be refitted the tracks were cleaned out and floor sections had to be secured due to no fixings being in them, then the door was fitted with the roller track bolted in. Other work saw the start of the painting of the engine room section in its first coat of paint of green primer. The light pockets that were rubbed down last week was painted with a couple of coats of white paint.

Depot Maintenance: Work has been done tiding up around the Depot with a collection of scrap metal that has been building up taken out to the skip. A repair was made to the over sink water heater that had a slight leak and a job was looked at regarding the drainpipes outside to repair next week.