Depot report - October 2nd & 3rd 2021

Saturday October 2nd


Richard started his day by disconnecting the Radiator Prop Shaft on Unit 538 from the Hardy Spicer Coupling on the Phasing Case, which connects to the take-off on the Auxiliary Generator, another task done ready for the lift. He then moved on to help Graham soldering the ends onto some of the new cables using the new soldering kit which Graham has purchased. A jig was made to secure the cables too during the process as due to the extreme heat they need to be left stable for at least 5 mins after soldering so the cable does not move in the fitting and break the joint before it sets. (I did hear later that the tool had broken...oh dear)

Mike and David set about sorting and finding the drain fitting for draining the oil from 538, once all parts were found, put together and coupled up 2 old barrels were retrieved from on top of the container and used to drain the oil into prior to sending to an oil recycling company. 1 barrel filled and the other left on a very slow drain.


David then joined Geoff to assist with sorting and installing bits into No 1 cab after he had masked off and painted the remaining black and yellow door chocks, Howard was doing this but was unable to attend, job now done, thanks to you both.

They made an attempt to fit the door to the nose end but due to the floor not being fitted correctly as it had a lot of crud under it, they sorted this task but unfortunately could not find the floor retaining set screws, so the job is now carried over to next week. The repainted front panel to the drivers control desk was fitted as was the cover to what was the boiler controls and the newly painted handbrake wheel, just the nut to paint. Replacement discs for the top of the reverser showing Off, Reverse, Engine Only and Forward were fitted.

Geoff then assembled the latest batch of small electrical components for 15 which Graham has given him as a task he can do at home.

Darrell and Sam were busy with a Meet & Greet stall as well as sales whilst also sorting a large collection of books etc bequeathed to us recently. There was a steady footfall through the depot during the morning but slackened off towards lunch time.

IF any members would like to come along and assist with this task it would be helpful and appreciated. There is a premade sales pack, membership details and people available to answer questions but not get involved in long conversations, please contact Mike H-R on his contact info in the Deltic Deadline.

Mike Hallam-Rudd

Photo by Dave Greenwood

Sunday October 3rd


Work progressed in the engine room with the painting of the floor picking up from the work done in the midweek. One side is now primed and undercoated and the other side 3/4 glossed. More painting was done on the external bodywork to blend the old paint in with the new. After a light sand down of the bodyside it was given a top coat of BR Green.

No.8s Cab:

Attention turned back to refitting the cab side windows, the frames for these were previously refitted but this time work turned to fitting the sliding panels back in. The drivers side window is completed and the second man's side will be sorted in the next couple of weeks after experiencing a couple more issues with that panel. Other work saw the footstep on the second man's side marked out, drilled and refitted and the kick plates on the drivers side drilled and refitted, these were already on but only had rivets in the corners.

Other areas of work saw a sales stand and a meet and greet stand ran by a couple of volunteers to provide someone for the visiting public to talk to.

Beth Marsh