Depot report - October 9th & 10th 2021

Another weekend of reports...

Saturday 9th October 2021 (From Alex Stojanovic)

D9009: Work continued with replacing the electrics under the loco. The traction motor cables were sorted out before the loco is lifted for the new bogies to go underneath.

Painting continued on No1 ends bufferbeam, this saw it be painted Red. Whilst on No2 end the new coupling was fitted and was painted in Green primer.

The dusty windows on No2 end were also cleaned.

D9015: Work continued on overhauling the cab heaters in No2 end. This is now complete and ready for No1 end to be sorted. Work was undertaken in No1 end to sort out the Air Tanks.

The ETH control box for No1 end was also fitted into place, just needs assembling on the inside.

PU451: The rest of the paintwork was completed. Now looking like a proper power unit!

Sunday 10th October 2021 (From Beth Marsh)

D9015: Work continued with the painting of the engine room floor.

No.8s Cab: Worked started with making an alternation to the door handles previously built. After swapping one half over the other internal set of handles were built up. One full set are now fully fitted to the door, and the other door has the internal set fitted. A start was made with cleaning the edging strips for the internal floor panels. Other work included marking out and drilling the holes ready to refit the second engine room window and the sliding panel from the cab side window from the previous week was refitted. The other jobs completed was the preparation of the engine room, with spending several weeks cleaning off and sanding down the old flaky paint and rust the area is now ready to start painting.

Depot: Other areas of work saw volunteers man a small sales stand and providing a meet and greet service to the visiting public.

The DPS Sales Stand at the depot on October 10th. See anything you fancy? Head over to where we have many items including a selection of new badges.