Depot Report - Sat 20th November 2021

D9009 - The day started off with some recovery of parts from the traction motor box, after this, some mathematical calculations happened to work out the ride height of number 9.

D9015 - Work started on 15 with repairing the electrical Conduit, along side this, the long arduous job of fitting the footstep and panel to Number 2 end continued on. Furthermore, Washing down of the doors also occurred, meaning they are ready to be stripped down and painted next week.

The Kick plates were polished and are now near enough ready for being fitted. Some rubber strips were sourced, and were cut into 3 different sets to then be fitted to the instrument panels.

Depot - It was a busy day for the Volunteers on the Meet and Greet stand, many great discussions and questions were asked.

A big thanks to following Volunteers on Saturday For Your Help - Geoff, Pete, Bill, Harry, Nigel, Graham, John, Dave, Murray and Mike.

Photo Credits - Harry Moore