Depot report - September 19th 2021

Another report from Bethany Marsh:

D9009: No.1 end buffer beam was rubbed down and repainted in the light grey undercoat in preparation for painting red.

D9015: Work progressed with the painting of No.2 end buffer beam with the colours being applied to the corresponding parts. In other work, on the inside jobs were done in the No.1 cab with the bottom sections of the seats being refitted with the tanks in place too. 1 new base plate was made to go underneath the base of the seat to replace one that had gone missing. The cover for the steam pressure gauge and boiler water tank gauge was refitted in the cab.

PU 451 (see photo): The cowling covers for the generator were refitted. Work then turned to refitting the auxiliary generator and auxiliary generator drive shaft.

No.8s Cab: The back section of the cab have now been varnished, work then progressed to repainting the remains of the old trailer to tidy it up. The BR arrows were applied to both sides of the cab with the other decals having to wait till next week. In other areas the one set of external and internal cab door handles were rebuilt ready for refitting and the cab doors have been painted in the flake grey gloss on the inside face as well as the wooden edge sanded and vanished.