Depot Report - Sunday 14th November 2021

D9015 – W

ork continued with the riveting of the footsteps and covers onto the locomotive with a start being made on No.2 end Second Man’s side.

Depot Work– The focus from the weekend was to complete the tidying up after D9009s power unit lift on Monday 8th. The marine units on the warflat were recovered with the tarpaulin ready to go back outside when the space is required.

The marine unit that was in the corner of the Depot, that had started to be stripped down several years ago, was moved to the area that had been cleared at the end of stores until the engineering team can complete the disassembly into individual blocks to be stored for spares.

No.8s Cab – The priming of the engine room bay was completed, a start was then made on applying the undercoat.