Depot Report - Sunday 17th October 2021

Bethany Marsh writes:

D9015: Work continued with the painting of the bodyside in areas to blend the new BR Green colour into the existing faded colour. The work on painting the engine room floor continued with the middle section where the boiler would of sat been given a coat of paint. In other areas the buffers for No.2 end were pulled out and given a coat of red paint to match the work previously done at No.1 end.

No.8s Cab: With all the preparation completed in the engine room in previous weeks the area was given a good clean down and hoovered out and light rust removed from some areas ready to start painting next week. The second of the engine room windows was bolted in, just a couple of jobs away from the outside being completed now. Other work saw the internal cab light pockets given a rub down to remove flaky paint ready to start repainting in the coming weeks.

Depot: In other areas a couple of volunteers flicked between the jobs mentioned above and manning a sales stand as well as providing a meet and greet stand for the visiting public.