Depot Report - Sunday 26th June 2022

D9015 - Work continued with trying to remove some nuts on the bearer pads, access for the rear set have been difficult underneath so last week we got access via under the engine room steps, all these have been removed to gain access to the nuts. Out of the 4 corners one set have been

loosened off and the other three remain to be difficult and have had no success with yet.

Depot - Work continued with tidying up and organising the Depot. A piece of board was cut and mounted to the wall to hang all the extension cables on. A new storage box was made to hold all the brushes and shovels, both have been given a coat of primer and will be painted next week. A set of 3 drawers was moved and will become further storage. The classroom was swept and hoovered out. tables and chairs wiped down and laid out in preparation for a meeting next week. A selection of new tools were sorted into the relevant draws in the the toolbox to fill in the gaps we found when it was organised several weeks ago.

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The GCR has gone diesel only from tomorrow until at least Sunday 14/08/22. As a consequence, the turns for 55009 have been changed on both days of this coming weekend. 55009 is now to be used on the 0