Depot Report - Sunday 28th November 2021

Report from Alex Stojanovic (Images named AS Image are provided by Alex)

D9015 - Today saw some of the Air Pipes in No1 and No2 nose ends painted, but sadly too cold to be fully painted, so another job for me to do when a bit warmer. Siemens Apprentices have got the Generator off PU538 this week, today we had cleaned down the Air Intakes before the new generator is fitted this week. Once Siemens have fitted the new Generator, then it’s onto work on D9015’s other Power Unit 417.

The Windows on one side were fitted and the ‘SHERGAR’ nameplates were applied. 3 air filters were test fitted in No1 end, they fit but a bit of work for us to do on the runners before they go in. No2 ends seem to be fine, but the air filters all need to be oiled. Nigel came along and fully fitted to place the final footstep panel on No2 end (Drivers Side). Should all be ready for the rivets.

55009- One side of the loco’s bogies have been marked up on the axel box covers for a red stripe to be painted across. Once painted there is the other side to do.

Report from Bethany Marsh (All other Images provided by Beth) No.8s Cab – Work continued with painting in the engine room, all of which is now finished with the undercoat. The beams that the engine room doors hang from were rubbed down and given a coat of primer.

Other work progressed in the main cab with primer applied to the areas behind were the gauge panel goes. Attention was also paid to securing down the cab floor, the rest to be completed with the trims secured down as well next week.