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Depot Report - Tuesday August 29, 2023

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Tulyar is re-wheeled!

After some ten years raised on stands, D9015 was lowered onto its repaired bogies on August 29.

It was the culmination of many months work - and countless phone calls!

One of the main problems was trying to find suitable jacks.

Finally, Rampart Engineering who have their business in an adjoining shed to the DPS depot, did the job for the DPS, aided by a small number of volunteers who pushed the bogies under the Deltic body and connected the traction motor bellows before the final lowering.

No. 1 bogie went smoothly, but No. 2 was more obstinate and it took Rampart staff and the volunteers numerous attempts to align the centre casting with the 'spider'. At this point, the DPS is most grateful to Steve Williams, Sheaf Engineering, who used his considerable expertise on bogies to proffer some advice, resulting in the smooth lowering - Tulyar was finally back on all 6 wheelsets. This is a major milestone in the restoration of this clean green machine.

Now for the power units! The two designated Napier power units are scheduled to be lifted into Tulyar on September 11/12.

The DPS board would like to extend its thanks to Paul Ramsden, Rampart Engineering, and his staff, Steve Williams, Sheaf, and the many volunteers, besides the six stalwarts on the day, who have helped in getting D9015 to this stage of its renovation.

So now you know - it takes six people to push a 22-ton bogie under a Deltic!

Photo: Beth Marsh.

Terra firma after ten years in the air - a superb achievement. Photo: Pete Stojanovic

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