Depot Report - Sunday 7th November 2021

With only 3 Volunteers at the Depot today progress was limited but productive.

No.8s Cab – Work continued with the application of primer in the engine room section, most of which is now complete. In other areas the front face of the control cubicles has been glossed Flake Grey, and attention was paid to starting to prepare for the frame above to go back up, so all the appropriate boxes and corresponding fixings were sorted out. A couple of small jobs were sorted with the roof section, a couple of odd holes filled in and other areas missing screws were replaced. The light pockets have been fitted up with the chrome frames to add next time after some more fixings are acquired.

Depot – Work was done on the drainpipe outside the Depot which had been previously damaged. The necessary repair was done, and all sealed up. Time was also spent talking to some of the visitors that stopped by the Depot today.