DPS depot reopening to volunteers

Mike Hallam-Rudd, Volunteer Liaison Officer, writes: The Deltic Preservation Society is pleased to announce that we can now, subject to no change in government guidelines, allow our Volunteers back on site to work on our 3 locomotives from Saturday 3rd April. As it is Easter weekend we are looking to extend this over the Sunday and Monday as well to make a start on catching up. All Volunteers have been or will be fully briefed in Covid -19 restrictions/guidelines etc. and undergo mini-refreshers so as to ensure the safety of everyone. I will be going in on the 31st March to ensure that all is well in the Depot and get all paperwork updated ready for the Saturday.

Please note....Barrow Hill site is NOT open to the public at the moment, please look out for further updates on this.

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DPS Depot reopening

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