DPS Depot update - September 26/27

An update from the weekend, courtesy of Mike Hallam-Rudd (Saturday) and Nigel Hutchison (Sunday). All pictures by Nigel Hutchison


Saturday saw Peter move down to Tulyar's No 2 cab to make a start on installing the cab heaters. Tom and Geoff made a start on removing the nuts around the fan grill on No 1 end inner fan as it was catching on the top of the fan cowl. When Nigel arrived, he assisted in the removal and the repair was effected. Nigel then completed the installation of the missing rain drains on B side.

Howard, with the assistance of daughter Mia, continued working to free off the locking nuts on the PU feet and by the end of the day we had a set of 8 ready to go once painted. This has been a long and laborious job and I thank all who have been involved.

Graham made a start on setting up the classroom ready for the Siemens contract to commence.

For those who are unaware we have purchased to large industrial heaters for the depot and these needed to be strategically placed, the locations were decided last week so I set about with the help of the fork lift reorganising some of the work benches. Thankfully, Geoff, Tom and Howard assisted later on as there were a few rather heavy pallets to be moved but now are both in place. Dave G is organising for a local contractor to come and install the flue vents then hopefully we should have a nice warm depot for the winter.


Sunday saw the DPS open it’s doors for first Sunday volunteers day. 7 of the best arrived to help tidy up the depot and to carry out work on the locos. Darrell and Mike with the help of

the forklift truck cleared the VDA. Bob and Martin cleaned up the now finished PU feet for 15 and made a start with painting them. Work continued on Tulyar with Nigel J doing the less glamorous tasks of riveting drain ports before painting the floor area where No 8's cab will be going when it returns in a few weeks. Even the secretary was spotted mopping out the Upper welfare cabin.

More Sunday dates will be announced in the near future, those who attended went home more than satisfied after carrying out the essential work. Going forward it would be great to see and help speed things up if we could get 12 volunteers to join us on both a Saturday and the new in fashion Sunday groups.