DPS Press Release - D9009

The following is a Press Release issued by our Media Officer, Paul Gildersleve, today:

The DPS is pleased to report that 4 of the 6 damaged traction motors from D9009 Alycidon were returned to Barrow Hill from repair at Sulzer. This follows the catastrophic failure caused by a power surge whilst the Deltic was hauling a return charter from Edinburgh on 3rd March 2019.

There is still a huge hill to climb to return D9009 to working order - the remaining two traction motors are expected soon, the bogies will require attention and the damaged generator will require changing, necessitating a power unit lift. There is also a long process involved with the certification process. D9009 Alycidon is expected to be run in on a heritage railway, probably next year.

All of this work has consumed a huge amount of DPS funds, despite some costs being covered by insurance. In addition, some of the original electrical equipment is to be updated and measures introduced to prevent such an occurrence happening again.

Any help from well-wishers would be most gratefully received. There is a facility for donations via the DPS website by visiting https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/donation-web/charity?charityId=1016693&stop_mobi=yes