News from the Depot - June 17th 2021

Graham Clarke & Mike Hallam-Rudd write...

Peter Vickers worked on starting and coolant level switch circuits on D9015.

David Smythe prepared 55019 no.2 TM Blower for painting by Nigel Julian on Sunday who will add the undercoat and topcoat depending on drying time, if not Geoff Brain will do it in the week. The No 1 TM Blower had the same treatment last week by Nigel J with Geof Brain doing the topcoat on Wednesday 16th before setting about degreasing the No 2 TM Blower ready for David today. Because of the shape and poor stability of the TMB it is easier to work on it for this task by suspending it on the 'A' frame.

The Yellow ’A’ Frame is positioned in the middle of the Depot ready for upgrading to 5T on Tuesday, this will enable SHEAF Engineering to progress with the rebuild of the cast bogies for D9009. The TM Blower is suspended from it to aid painting. It will need moving on Tuesday.

On Wednesday 16th Graham managed to remove the 4th Traction Cable from No 1 traction motor circuit on D9009 ready for replacement. Also on Wednesday the PU team managed to install 1 segment of the generator cooling fan, unfortunately time lost by issues with power supplies to the hoist prevented the second segment being installed and the job completed.

I have now accepted the quotes from Merritts Specialists Machine Movers to do the PU swap in 9, due hopefully the end of July and also the quote to lift 9 for the reworked cast bogies to be placed back under 9. This will then enable the original fabricated bogies to have some attention. The ultimate plan is then that once the cast bogies, which were originally destined for 15 will be 'bedded in' under 9 which will then have its fabricated bogies back....OR..... subject to funding for preparation for the Mainline will go under 19.

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