Results Christmas Draw 2019

The draw took place in the Depot at Barrow Hill on 18th of January as planned.  The winning numbers are as follows:

1. 15223 - £250

2. 11084 - £100

3. 12234 - £100

4. 11813 - £50

5. 04827 - £50

6. 04111 - £50

I have started to contact the winners using the details on the stubs and I shall aim to send out cheques as soon as possible.  If you could contact me at 07976 282396, if you have a winning ticket, it would be appreciated.

£3,702 worth of tickets were sold this year compared to £3,068 last year.  After deducting ticket printing costs and prizes, £2,920 has been raised, including some donations.  On behalf of the DPS Board, I would like to thank all those who took part in the raffle very much for their support.  It is pleasing that the raffle did much better this year than it did in 2018.

Cheques sent with raffle ticket stubs are not cashed until after the raffle is drawn.  They will be cashed as quickly as possible, but it can take a little while to find a convenient time to visit the bank, as I have a full time job as well as my DPS activities to contend with.  Your understanding is appreciated.

I wish you all well for the 2020 and for another exciting Deltic year ahead.  The coming year will be a big challenge, with a busy time for 55019, 55015 to complete and the biggest thing of all of course, returning D9009 to mainline operation.

Graham Clarke

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