RO Report for July 31 - All hands on deck for No. 19

Fiona Page writes:

Work started early Saturday morning on prepping the loco for running up for a brake test. Checking oil levels, topping up coolant and the batteries on charge. Removing temporary internal lighting system and draining bed plates of both water and oil from a rather heavy rainstorm the previous day. With the weather conditions, dry painting of some external body work continued. Both power units were run up and checked over. This was just repeating what was carried out just over a year ago with no preserved line running since so no issues were expected. The brake testing started but a discovery of the small air tank connection under the driver's seat leaking warranted shutting down to see/listen for any further issues.

On restarting the loco came to nothing with one of the circuit breakers tripping out. This caused the afternoon testing to come to an abrupt end. The issue was not discovered till early evening with relay WR1 deciding to give up. The decision was made to replace the offending water relay by Graham Clarke next visit on Tuesday with the test rescheduled with Ray and myself next Saturday. A small list of snagging work also being carried out on Tuesday.

A big thank you to the whole team present as without your support visits like we have planned would not take place however small your part played.

Photo: Harry Moore

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