Saturday team update - July 17th & 24th

Mike Hallam-Rudd writes...

55019 Royal Highland Fusilier

The main focus has been the reinstallation of the 14 air tanks which many people were involved in and working in shifts where required due to the heat. This did not go totally to plan due to the heat mainly and our social distancing policy regarding masks which did not go together well in the hot weather, but we got there in the end. As well as the tanks there are the 2 x Traction Motor Blowers, 1 at each end and associated equipment, Geoff kindly made 2 new wooden gaskets for these for where they join the trunking. There is also the 2 x Vacuum Exhausters in No 1 end, the table for these 2 is always awkward to install due to its 'sprung' legs but with the brains of Richie and a plan it was done in just over 1 hour, a record, I have known it take up to a day, you just can't get the staff! Mick and Trevor then installed the 2 machines and completely coupled them up. Early pm on the 24th saw the task completed and the depot compressor was attached, and the system filled with air, there were 2 small leaks reported of which one just involved tightening the nut up a bit and sealed. The other was I am pleased to say accessible as it was on one of the main tanks in the engine room, Pete drained the air so that Mick could attend to it, but it was the 'boss' that had not sealed so the whole joint was uncoupled, cleaned, rebuilt, and connected. As we now must use a liquid sealant which requires 2 hours setting time the system will be recharged on 31st July each joint being checked for leaks with the time-honoured warm water and washing up liquid and a small paintbrush, Ray will then be doing a full Air & Vacuum Brake Test.

Bob has kept on top of things with re painting any scuffs to his earlier work and tidying the cabs with help from Martin.

Pete and his team as well as helping with the air tanks have also been keeping busy on getting the unit 451 for 9 ready to take the generator so it can be swapped with 538.

D9015 Tulyar

Peter V has continued working on testing the electrical circuits, this is a long and laborious task, but I am pleased to say he is mainly getting good results. He has also rebuilt the conduit system. (other than as reported by Beth, Nigel J has been the only other person working on 15)

D9009 Alycidon

Graham has been continuing his work on the repairs to 9 and is making steady progress. Volunteer, Steve Nutter owns a power engineering and installations company, and we are employing 1 of his staff for 1 day a week to assist Graham. All known damaged cables have now been removed apart from 1 which he still needs to test. Saturday 24th saw the damaged cables laid out in the stores alongside a length of new we had in stock, we are about 5 m short in total, Mike is speaking to a 'friendly' industry partner to see if he can blag some, if so, it should be onsite within the week. Unfortunately, due to the type and size of this cable and its usual industry applications it is only available in 100m rolls from the suppliers.

Geoff is continuing to work from home on cleaning and varnishing various items of electrical equipment. Graham has been liaising with one of our contractors regarding the repair and testing motor contactors etc.