Statement regarding D9009

Now the loco is back at Barrow Hill it will be sheeted over and remain outside to facilitate a thorough clean and to allow it to dry out. This may take up to 4 weeks.

Once the loco is inside, a thorough assessment and testing of the traction cabling, switchgear and protection equipment will be carried out. It’s not been possible so far, due to the need to preserve evidence and working through the Insurance Company’s forensic engineering process. A worst case scenario is that all of the traction cables will need replacing. Estimated worst case cost £25,000.

In order to obtain insurance cover in the future and to limit the possibility of such catastrophic damage in the future, new protection equipment will need designing and fitting to our locos. This will be filters to absorb high voltage surges that occur during fault conditions and events like wheel slip at high speed or traction current overload. The design work and approval of the changes will require professional support. Estimated cost £30,000.

Asbestos has been found in two traction motor armatures and two field coil frames that need to be rewound as part of repairing the damage sustained when D9009 failed near Prestonpans on 03/03/2019. We may not be able to recover the cost of removing it through our insurance. Cost £15,000.

A briefing will be provided at the Society AGM about what is likely to have happened on 03/03/2019, lessons to learn and improvements we can make for the future. To donate, please CLICK HERE.

Photo: Darrell Marsh