Statement regarding failure of D9009

On 03/03/2019, whilst working the return leg of the A1 Trust’s “Auld Reekie” Charter, DPS class 55 loco D9009 Alycidon appears to have suffered from a high voltage power surge, which has damaged No2 generator and all six traction motors of the fully freshly overhauled cast bogies that were being run in under Alycidon whilst D9009′s own fabricated bogies are awaiting repair.

The cast bogies are intended to help complete 55015 to mainline standards and investigations into this event (which was not a flash over but an instant arcing across the brush boxes on the TMs to the frames and 1 generator brush box to frame) are ongoing.

Initially, speaking with industry electrical experts, the voltage to damage all six motors in one strike must have been equivalent to the loco being struck by lightning. The loco at the time was travelling at around 85 mph keeping to booked time and on medium amps of around 1100. At the time of the incident a blanket ban was in place on the movement of electric traction on the route as there was an ongoing OHLE incident in place. Conditions on the day were deteriorating wind and rain.

As most Deltic enthusiasts will be aware, Alycidon has had a 100% charter delivery record over the last 8 years and it is a great disappointment that this now leaves (hopefully temporarily) no Deltic option for the immediate future on charters. We are currently working with our charter providers on the best way to resolve this particularly with Pathfinder & May 11th charter in mind.

The DPS, as always, wish to thank all those involved with and who support the society and the three locos, we hope to have Alycidon repaired as soon as possible, however, this takes time and money, which having spent since 2012 working towards and raising funds for overhauled bogies now needs a fresh appeal. Anyone wishing to donate to help the volunteers return Alycidon to service please drop a line to, your help to do this would be much appreciated.