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Updated: Mar 13

A milestone was reached at the beginning of March when the DPS welcomed its 1,000th member.

The membership numbers have been steadily rising in recent months - it is over 20 years since the total passed the 1,000th mark.

A warm welcome is extended to new members - the DPS Board thanks you for joining and hopes you will enjoy being part of the Society. You have joined in an exciting year as the DPS works towards putting a second locomotive - 55019 Royal Highland Fusilier - back on the main line, and also the first start-up of D9015 Tulyar, a staggering 27 years since it last ran. Indeed, 2024 is likely to see all three DPS Deltics operational together for the first time in the society's history.

Thinking of joining? Do come along - it's easy to join, especially through the society's new website. You will receive regular copies of the excellent journal 'Deltic Deadline' with all the news and interesting articles of the Deltics in their heyday.

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