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Sunday 21st & 28th January plus Sunday 4th February

55019 - The remainder of the radiator bays were sanded down in preperation for painting then inside the bays were given a good clean and hoover out. Both sets of radiator bays were painted in the dark grey undercoat while a couple of small sections on the bodyside had filler applied. The windows were covered over in preperation for the bodyside to be painted in undercoat in the upcoming weeks. The second nameplate has also been given a good clean up ready for painting and both sets of bogies were given a clean down now that the bodyside has been sanded down.

D9015 - Work saw the coolant pipes rubbed down ready for painting in both power units. A few other areas were also stripped of paint and rubbed down.

55008's Cab - The steps leading upto the Cab have had a yellow strip painted on the edge of each step. A couple of small jobs were measured up and looked into materials required to complete.

Depot - Work continued on tiding up the Depot with waste oil and coolant sorted ready to be collected, the classroom was given a good clean to remove all the cobwebs that have acumlated. The back store room was tidied up of books that have recently been donated. A few other small jobs including sorting sales stock and updating paperwork was also carried out.

All Photos: Bethany Marsh

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