Depot Report - Sunday 31st October 2021

D9009 – Work continued with painting of the repaired bogies in preparation for the upcoming bogie change.

D9015 – Work saw the footsteps and covers fitted at No.1 end on both sides. There will be some more rivets to fit next time as well as the other covers and footsteps at No.2 end.

No.8s Cab – Work started with turning back to fitting the cab door on the driver’s side, with a couple of problems from last week fixed the cover was bolted up and completed. The temporary floorboards were removed, and all the framework underneath was hoovered out and given a coat of paint. Painting also continued in the engine room with more primer applied, the light pockets for the roof were given a final coat of white and the bracket which supports the Brake Valve was rubbed down and undercoated in Light Grey.

Depot – In other areas of work the scrap wood that had built up was cut up ready for disposal.

With regards to the depot heaters, if anyone reading this knows of or works in the Installation Industry could they please contact me via the address.

Photo Credits – Beth Marsh