This weekend at the DPS depot

Mike Hallam-Rudd writes:

Another productive day at the Depot this weekend. Since we returned to work in late July and had to introduce a Booking In system due to a restriction on numbers, we have found that the productivity has increased and it is enabling us to allocate tasks to people in advance son they know what they are doing before they arrive and are just getting on with it.

Saturday was a hive of activity with a full house of 12 volunteers. In no particular order, Graham had a meeting with John W to discuss funding and costing plans for returning 9 back to the Mainline, he also started work again on sorting the ride heights for the cast bogies. Geoff continued working on the Cooler Groups for D9015 and a bit of body work around one of the bodyside windows before being joined by Nigel J. Peter V completed the installation of the new cab heaters into No 1 cab of D9015. Steve P continued his project with the engine room fittings inside D9015. Two of our previous Mid-week team Martin & Bob have been attending regularly, and seem to be enjoying themselves, since return and are working on getting the Power Unit Mounting Feet ready for 15, unfortunately many years of being in one position has seized some of the adjusting bolts, next step is the friendly gas axe and a bit of heat. Young Alex has made a start on painting the bogies on D9009 while Pete set about sorting out a set of Brake Valves for me to take away for servicing ready for 15. He then set about getting tools and equipment ready for next week when he and Dave G are doing the timing on PU 451.

Whilst Howard and I were doing some stores sorting we came across a pallet with assorted nuts, bolts and washers on. Pete found a bag in amongst it with the tab washers for the job next Saturday = a saving of £120 plus a bag of nyloc nuts for the radiator prop shafts, another saving. Howard and I managed to clear all 3 levels of one bay and clear the centre aisle in the stores to help with start Darrell's reorganisation plan.

Steve M continued cleaning 9 and is doing a great job, just look at the nameplate!!. Howard also cleaned 9's engine room floor after he had done his Re Induction.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who are supporting us through difficult times, this also includes many behind the scenes working on other projects. I have had confirmation today from Nigel, Company Secretary, that we can continue to operate with a maximum of 12 people and not down to 6, this also ties in with so guidance I picked up from our local MP's newsletter. This is really good news for us.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE TO HOPEFULLY HELP RETURN THESE 3 MAGIC MACHINES TO THE MAINLINE THEN PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK, alternatively please contact our chairman and ask for details of our new Friends Of The DPS Scheme or see for more information. With this scheme you can set up a monthly/quarterly/annual donation and we are currently working on a Reward Scheme for its Members. Also, have you ever thought about leaving us a bequest in your will? Enquiries to myself and I will forward on to Jim Dedicoat who is handing this scheme.

Photos Copyright Mike Hallam-Rudd & Alex Stojanovic