Volunteer Liaison Officer post

Mike Hallam-Rudd, DPS Volunteer Liaison Officer, writes:

If you have read your latest 'Deltic Deadline', you will see that there is a piece in from Nigel Hutchison asking for applications for anybody who may be interested in taking on a role as a Trainee VLO. It is my plan to eventually hand this role over and concentrate on Loco Hire which I have done for the Preserved Line circuit for over 30 years and to now add in the Main Line side of the business as well. I will retain this side of the VLO role for this Hire Circuits, certainly for the short / medium term.

Nigel has asked me to post this to all as a reminder to see if we can generate any further interest, we have had 2 applicants so far.

The successful applicants will be given a trial period of 3>6 months and then have a review. Full training and guidance will be given by Nigel and myself.

The successful applicants will be expected to organise and manage people, liaise with the Head Of Engineering with regards to who is coming along to work at the depot and match skills to tasks, this information will be shown to you. Whilst we have a great team, we need to make sure that priority tasks are being undertaken and managed, this you will do jointly with the Duty RO's.

As we are currently restricted to 12 Volunteers per Saturday/Sunday I have introduced a weekly email shot to all Active Working Volunteers. This goes out Monday for replies by 18:00 Weds, I then speak to Graham, Head Of Engineering, we plan who is suited to which tasks and then send it back to all.

You will also be required to organise the Duty Responsible Officer Rota, fairly easy task it is an 8 week Rota, send it out in advance for replies, chase them up a couple of times and then fill it in and circulate, this is a new thing and just needs a bit of fine tuning.

NB these 2 Volunteer Email Lists are sent out under BCC so as to protect each other's e mail addresses from potential misuse.

Each Working Member has a Biannual, or As Required Induction Review, all paperwork will be shown to the successful applicants, apart from about 6 all have been done in the last 2 months so no immediate worries there. The RO's also have a Biannual Assessment which is a Face To Face session with an Interim refresher again training will be given.

If you are interested then please contact Nigel direct, the closing date is 30th September and the interview date is 18th October. I am more than willing to discuss the role with anyone who is interested, please call me on 07801 646459.