Volunteer’s View – April 6th/7th & 13th/14th

Graham Clarke provides an update on progress at the Deltic Preservation Society Depot at Barrow Hill:

Over the last couple of weeks, tidying up has made good progress ready for visitors and it generally needed doing! Thanks to everyone for their efforts towards the endeavour. Shall I ever see some of those faces with a brush again? The yellow lockers have also moved to where one of 55015’s parts racks used to be (a hint of it now going together. This has made space for the new display area at the back of the Depot.

Further progress has been made on refurbishing parts for the cab of 55008.

55015 has had the traction motor blowers sent away, tested and balanced by Sulzer in Birmingham. They are now ready to fit.

The main focus on 55019 is completing exam work and this will culminate over Easter. The cab painting is moving on nicely, the new silencer drain pipes are in, I’ve checked the main and auxiliary generators (which need a clean still), the tail lights have had a first gloss coat and a full brake test was completed as well. The loco was run up on both power units to complete checks and for brake testing. A few minor leaks needed attention and not much else. A missing bolt for one of the bogie swing link hanger pin retaining brackets has also been attended to. I found it while I was checking the top brush gear on no.6 traction motor. It would stop the loco running, if not replaced.

A big thanks to: Mick, Mike, Bob, Martin, Trevor, Chris, Steve (2), Pete, Alex (2), John, Ray, Stuart and Wizz.

There is nothing to add about D9009 at the moment, although plans to move forward are developing with the multiple stake holders.