Volunteer's View - August 31st to September 7th 2019

An update from Graham Clarke covering the last couple of weeks at Barrow Hill:

It’s been a little quiet, due to various external commitments.

The following’s been achieved:

Steve – steam cleaning of cubicle doors and covers from 55015. One door is ex D9018 Ballymoss!

The remaining negative wire in 55015’s no.2 control cubicle was traced and the traction motor blower wiring was checked successfully. Thanks to Pete V for helping with these tasks.

Both overhauled generators in store were insulation tested and found in very good order. Thanks to Pete S for helping me.

Alex – prepared and primed various areas of damaged paintwork on 55015.

I reviewed a number of engineering documents to find the test specifications for earth fault relays.

Darrell- returned sales stock after the GCR Gala and made a start on the yearly stocktake Trevor- unbolted bearer pads on 55015, 13 were successfully removed the others require further attention. Nigel- painted inside the nose end of the cab from D9008.

Nigel and Beth painted the first of the new display boards.