Volunteer's View - January 11/18/25

The latest update from the Deltic Preservation Society at Barrow Hill, courtesy of Graham Clarke.

Over the last two or three weeks, thanks to the efforts during midweek and on Saturdays.

D9009 will be returning to Barrow Hill in early February, along with two cast bogies. This will facilitate repairs and allow us to move forward more quickly with a return to mainline operation. It's too early to say exactly when that will be, but I aspire too towards the end of 2020. The traction motors that were damaged in March 2019, just outside of Edinburgh, are now under repair at Sulzer in Birmingham. I am hugely grateful to our Insurance Brokers and Lorica for helping to finance repairs. So far, we are headed towards £200,000. Just to put the cherry on top, asbestos was found within the windings of 2 armatures and two field frames. That's waiting financial approval from the insurers for its removal, so work is stopped on the affected parts at the moment. I'll provide confirmation of the moving date, once it's confirmed. Hopefully, later this week.

I am also working on a much more detailed presentation on what went wrong, lesson to learn and the way forward. It involves far more than just fixing the loco and it will need fundraising to support it.

15 has received a lot of attention to its exterior paintwork. It is not obvious, but the lower green band and cab window surrounds were painted to make the loco presentable for the Deltic Gathering at Shildon. They were not intended to be long lasting and further preparation is needed to provide a sound foundation for the final paint job. This will be done once the loco has completed testing and running in. This is to allow the body work to settle into its final shape and remove all the stress that has built up during the welding of the new body sides and framework. As many of you who have seen old cars will know, just because it shiny on the outside does not mean it's in prime condition. It is often bad underneath. It's all about sound foundations and time spent in preparation.

The buffers for 15 have also been stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with new springs. Thanks to the owner of D213 for his expert help with this. It is a pleasure to see the loco gleaming in our Depot. I wish it all the very best for a succesful engine rebuild and return to the mainline.

The no.1 end traction motor is also back in the nose end and is nearly bolted down. It's a fiddly job and it's putting up a bit of a fight at the moment.

19 has received routine winter maintenance and it is having the mounting posts for the field divert resistors replaced. The originals were life expired. Unfortunately, I ran out of suitable screws on Saturday, so only most of the back row is in place at the moment. Online shopping to the rescue and it's all sorted for next Saturday.

19, is also receiving attention to the electrical cubicle doors from one end. They get bashed about a fair bit and have not been properly rubbed down in a very long time.

Work has also started on working up the partnership with Siemens. That's very exciting and further updates will follow once the initial preparations are firmed up and dates are agreed.

Overall, it's been a very positive start to 2020, which will be a busy year, but one that forms the foundation for a strong future. Keep calm and carry on, or something like that!