Volunteer’s View – July 2019

Graham Clarke writes:

An update from the Deltic Preservation Society Depot at Barrow Hill. It’s been a while since my last update, mostly due to holidays and catching up.

Firstly, I’ll do my best to credit people, but I don’t know exactly who’s done what, so I am likely to miss someone out. Please don’t be offended, everyone’s contribution is very welcome and appreciated.

55019 has been cleaned and polished, mostly by Geoff and Steve. It’s looks the part for the NVR next month. Stuart and Wizz were attending to few odds and ends on Saturday.

The midweek guys have been very busy working on preparing the cab of 55008 and it’s fittings. I’m afraid I am not exactly sure who did what, so apologies for that.

Mick and Martin are still working on pipe work repairs in 55015’s nose ends. It’s quite a fiddly job, but it’s essential to the reliability and proper function of the air system.

Mike and Ray have been tidying the stores and disposing of junk. It’s a thankless task, but needs doing. How many spare oil radiators have we got?

Darrell has been busy managing his stores and slowly moving it into old power unit house with Sam’s help. Some of the bigger things will have to wait for new and bigger doors that are planned. The power unit house one is very rusty and does not fit very well since we took the end off the building to liberate the power units.

In 55015 Steve and Dave have fitted the air intake trim strips that line up with the ones on the cooling modules. This has allowed the air intake covers to go on. Everything has been sealed to prevent air leaks and water getting behind the trim strips and causing corrosion.

Pete has now mostly completed the rewire of no.2 cab lights. Everything now works, including the engine room lights. It now needs fully testing to make sure everything is connected to the right switches and fuses. Stuart is ordering new light bulbs, which are a specialist item nowadays, as most things are LED now and we want it to look right.

Mick, Pete and Dave have fitted a serviced Governor to PU451 and prepared it for a timing check. Our old friend and 50 year’s plus Deltic expert Mike is coming to show us how it’s done. We intend to video the proceedings to have a record for the future.

Thank you very much to everyone for their support, interest and hard work. I hope I’ve managed to capture everything and I’ve not missed too much or too many out?