Volunteer’s View – June 16th 2019

Graham Clarke writes:

Thanks to Nigel and Beth (see report below) for a great job on the route indicator for no.2 end of 55015. I’m impressed by Nigel’s knowledge of this cantankerous and ridiculously over complicated thing.

Elsewhere in the depot, Geoff was busy painting cab side footsteps and fitting new hardwood kick strips.

Pete, Howard and Mia completed the instrument lights in the no.2 cab of 55015. A little later I found some more fuses and managed to fire up the complete lighting system for the first time. Finding 110V bulbs of the right 40W rating is proving a challenge, so it’s a bit of a hotchpotch for now.

Everything, is working, but there is a wire off somewhere among the engine room lights. They don’t switch on and off from all for corners as they should. Hopefully, this is a minor problem.

I’m slowly get into reconnecting and testing the rest of the electrical equipment.

It was also good to meet Nigel J yesterday, who worked on one of D9008’s cab doors.

Thanks all very much.

Nigel Lacy on the headcode blinds:

Bit of a different task after completing 55019 cab , task was headcode box for 55015 , once this task has been completed 15 will have both headcode boxes working correctly, after having some experience helping my dad when he took on the task of sorting 22’s(nought) & 16’s it only made sense that myself and Bethany Marshsort this out , first job clean and check all parts (ongoing).