Volunteer's View - October 12th & 19th 2019

Graham Clarke writes:

Over the past two Saturdays further work’s been completed on the bodywork of 55015 by Nigel. Darrell has sourced new rubbers for the bump stops inside the engine mounting feet for 55015.

Pete has obtained quotes for a new design of cab heater elements. It should allow a 50% reduction in the cost of replacements by halving the number of elements required from 56 to 28.

Pete sorted out various blanking plugs and hose connections for 55015’s radiators.

Dave and Steve sorted out body side window nuts and screws and the drilling template for the mounting holes. This was made some year’s ago to make window fitting easier and more accurate. It needed a bit of a clean up.

Alex painted some interior air pipes.

More work has also been done to move the sales stock into the old power unit house and partition the area off. Darrell, Sam and Beth have done the work.

Pete and I have also made good progress with reconnecting, continuity and insulation testing of the auxiliary power system on 55015. You can see by the ticks on the diagram.

A big thank you to all concerned. I hope I’ve not missed anything or anybody out.