Volunteer's View - September 21st 2019

Graham Clarke writes:

Another update from the Deltic Preservation Society at Barrow Hill. Last Saturday saw a busy and successful day.

Firstly, a report from Darrell on activities the previous Thursday: The latest working party at BH with me, Bob, Martin, Nigel, John J, John G, Mike and Howard attending, some for part of the day and some all day.

Mike had a refresher on both forklifts and Nigel and Howard were trained on the Doosan. All passed.

Other work carried out today included the following: John J and Bob worked on the lagging for the collector drum on PU417. Hooks were sourced and fitted to two pieces. These were then fitted to the back piece on the drum. Further hooks will need to be removed from old lagging and more copper wire bought. Work on this will continue at the next working party on Wednesday 2nd October. Martin separated and cleaned the last three PU feet. New pads can now be fitted. New rubber is still to be sourced. As the weather was good Nigel continued with the cab doors for the cab outside as there was more sanding to be done. John G made a welcome return to the midweek working parties and spent the day painting cab components for 55008 and did most of the tea making. Along with supervising the volunteers I made a start on the yearly stocktake.

Turning to last Saturday;

Dave and Pete, with a little interference from Ray and I, stripped the first of 55015’s buffers down. The old springs have lost their springiness leading to loose buffer heads that fail inspection. The other 3 will be stripped, everything cleaned, checked, greased and reassembled with a new spring.

Hairy Steve was beavering away on details in 15’s engine room. This included sort out new body side window screw requirements, including drill bits, nuts and washers. The bits will need ordering from a supplier in York. We also sorted out a way to get around two of the body side internal handrails fixings being missing. We fashioned something similar from a threaded rivnut and a tab washer.

Beth was on light duties due to her knee operation. Nigel L and young Alex were doing some bodywork preparation and priming on one of 15’s cant rails that was burned when it was straightened a while ago.

Geoff was working away on various bits and pieces preparing and painting them to the usual very high standard.

Mick and Martin were busy replacing some damaged air pipes in the nose of 55105. Unfortunately, they ran out of pipe and need to get some more.

Nigel J arrived later and carried on sanding and painting the cab doors for 55008’s cab.

Ray was also there generally helping out and sorting out the stores.

Altogether, it was a successful week and I’m most grateful to everyone who volunteered. Thanks to you all.