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Accurascale ACC2595 HCA-EWS 1

Accurascale ACC2595 HCA-EWS 1

SKU: ACC2595

Accurascale ACC 2595 HCEWS 1

Freight Brown 1965-1985

Pack of 3

Individual numbers- 351223, 351564, 350001

* Die-cast chassis for ideal weight
* Detailed interior with rivets, framing, strapping and accurately profiled door 'horns'
* RP25-110 profile OO gauge wheels with separate brake blocks in line with tread
* Sprung metal buffers and dummy instanter couplings
* Super fine plastic parts, incl. air pipes, lamp irons, safety catches, clasp and disc brakes, hopper door operating equipment, etc.
* Etched metal details, incl. brake lever, chassis plates, etc.
* Removable, Kinetic NEM coupler mounts at correct height with mini-tension-lock couplers provided with scale Instanters included

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