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Education &
Provision of Speakers

The primary aim of the charity is to educate the public in all aspects of Deltic locomotives.



To this aim, the DPS is only too pleased to be able to show visitors around the Deltic depot at Barrow Hill Roundhouse Museum when the whole site is open to the public. The depot is usually open at weekends, and visitors can wander round to see the locomotives and displays, as well as sit in the restored cab of 55008 The Green Howards. We have our very own Finsbury Park Deltic depot!


If you have a party, then we will be pleased to make arrangements to show you round and provide you with an informative and interesting commentary.

For a party visit, please contact Mike Hallam-Rudd, Email:


The Society’s Barrow Hill depot where all three of the DPS Deltics are housed when not visiting heritage railways or on main line charter work. 


Provision of Speaker

The Society is pleased to provide a speaker for society meetings, be they the ordinary public such as Womens Institute, social history, retired associations etc, as well as for all railway societies.


We provide entertaining speakers for venues all over the country, and these take the form of a Powerpoint presentation showing the highlights of over 40 years of Deltic operation and preservation.

Do get in touch if you would like a speaker for your society:

The restored cab of 55008 The Green Howards - come and sit in the driver’s seat or the secondman’s seat!

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