DPS Friends - a way to help

We are launching a new donations scheme, called DPS Friends. Many of you have so kindly contributed in the past and some make regular donations. Never before have we needed funds so importantly because of the enforced repair costs of putting No. 9 back on Network Rail but also to repair the fabricated bogie with the strange defect on one of its middle wheelsets, plus looking to the future, how on earth can we actually rebuild our power units?

The wheelset defect was the reason the fabricated bogie was removed at Nemesis’ depot but work has, for various reasons, not started and we have brought this bogie back to Barrow Hill. This defect is totally separate from the failure of Alycidon on that ill-fated day and therefore any repair costs to this bogie are not covered by insurance. We have to foot the entire repair bill costs – whatever they are - once a strip down has taken place.

The failure of Alycidon on March 3 2019 and the damage to its traction motors and one generator has incurred costs far greater than what the insurance company has agreed to fund. We do not know at this stage how much we may be reimbursed to repair the generator, for instance.

Our ‘crown jewels’, the power units, are ageing, with some of them having extensive engine hours accumulated. We are looking at what we might be able to do to have one refurbished, if that is the right terminology, using specialist contractors. We have one Napier power unit, No. 415, in bits following its return from Paxman, Colchester, when the deal we had with VSOE was terminated. This might well be a suitable power unit to ‘start from scratch’. However, the costs are mind-blowing, staggering, horrendous – the choice of adjective can be yours! 

DPS Friends is for all members who feel they would like to play more of a part within the society and know they are contributing towards keeping the Napier song alive.

By agreeing to making a regular donation of at least £10 per month – hopefully larger – you will know that your money is going to an exceptionally good cause and helping keep your favourite locomotive running for even longer.

We plan to reward donors as a ‘thank you’. A range of incentives is being formalised which may include a model of your favourite class 55, personal guided tour at Barrow Hill with lunch and, provided the host railway agrees, a cab ride when Royal Highland Fusilier visits heritage railways round the country – once the Coronavirus has been defeated, of course.

Do please consider this worthy cause and join up - a Standing Order form can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. In the meantime, may your health be with you!


Murray Brown

DPS Chairman