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DPS Friends

The Deltic Preservation Society has an arrangement, the DPS Friends, whereby the Society recognises regular donations, and can offer a form of ‘thank you’ for members’ kind generosity.

We are so dependent on donations, and the Society is keen to express its appreciation for such support.


The minimum amount to quality is £10 per month - and every £10 helps the good cause of keeping the three Deltics operational.

Over 100 members are already part of the scheme and nearly £20,000 is being donated through the scheme - this is making an enormous difference to progressing repairs and fitments.


2024 is shaping up to be a momentous year in that all three DPS locomotives should be in operational order for the first time in decades. Indeed, D9015 has not run for 27 years.  

An event is being planned for DPS Friends which allow members to sample Deltic majesty free of charge.


If you are not yet a member, please do consider joining - it is a superb way to help the cause, and feel that you have and are playing a part

For more information or any queries, please email

Image Credit: 

Darrell Marsh

Image Credit: 

Bethany Marsh

  • Friends of DPS (£10)

    Every month
  • Friends of DPS (£25)

    Every month
  • Friends of DPS (£50)

    Every month

DISCLAIMER - Payments will continue to be taken each month until you cancel it. You can do this via going to My Subscriptions in the Membership Portal.

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