This weekend, we welcomed a new volunteer, Andy Brennan. a resident of Costa Rica and also Richie Conley who made his second visit. Both are serving or ex MOD with a wealth of knowledge and experience which could be invaluable to us.

The report below by Bethany Marsh and pictures provide an update on work carried out on Sunday 2nd May:

D9015 – Attention was paid to marking out the yellow warning panel on the nose and a thin coat of buff undercoat was applied. Continuation was made with masking off the windows ready for spraying and cleaning out the radiator sections also continued.

55008 – Attention was paid to the body work of No.8's cab, various areas were given the fill and sand treatment the main area being blending out the weld line created by extending the cab. Other work included the refitting of the nose end grills and a start was made to sanding and priming the nose end hatch doors.

In January we announced our intention to return 55019 'Royal Highland Fusilier' to the main line and were seeking to raise a large amount of money in order to achieve that goal.

We now find ourselves in the position to be able to break down the initial sum into amounts relating to specific pieces of work. Therefore, our initial target is to raise £18,000 so that 55019 can be fitted with OTMR, without which it would not be allowed on the national network. The more observant of you will have noticed that the image on our homepage at has been updated to reflect this, and also includes some details of what OTMR is and why it is needed.

To make a donation, please visit the DPS Virgin Just Giving site and place your donation quoting ref '55019' in the comments section - please click HERE. Alternatively download a Friends of the DPS Donation form by clicking HERE, set it up with your bank online or app and post the form back to us marked as confirmation, or just post the form and we will do it for you.

The Deltic Preservation Society has been accepted as a member of Rail Forum Midlands, an influential group of some 250 rail-orientated companies in the Midlands. We have the distinction of being unique amongst all these members which includes the likes of Porterbrook, Alstom Transportation, GB Railfreight and East Midlands Railways, and that is the DPS is the only organisation in RFM which has no paid employees. By being a member not only helps integrate the DPS within the railway business at large, with access to a multitude of contacts and companies, but also helps extend the sphere and knowledge of what we do to a far wider audience.

More information regarding Rail Forum Midlands can be found by clicking HERE.

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