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Volunteering with DPS

The DPS is always on the look out for new volunteers. In addition to working on the locomotives or in the Depot, help is needed with other areas, such as Sales Stands at events and shows, Meet & Greet in the Depot when it is open, and at Events where we have a presence, be it Sales or Diesel Galas at Heritage lines. We have a need for someone to do an inventory of our Stores and Archives. Someone with experience of Fundraising is also sought.

We currently have a great team of people who spread themselves around the aforementioned areas, but we are always looking for more to help people focus on doing at what they are best. The DPS is not a Training Organisation, all we can offer is that those with knowledge and experience, of which we have a huge amount, is shared to new and, hopefully, younger volunteers as none of us are getting any younger!


If you are interested and would like to join our team, you really are most welcome - please contact the Volunteer Liaison Officer, Mike Hallam-Rudd, at - you will always get a reply. We do not expect you to attend every week, just whenever you can offer the time. Somethings can be home/IT based or administration; experience is always a great benefit but not essential, just the will and desire to help preserve Deltics. We all work and pull together, even the most qualified sweep the floors or make the tea. There is great camaraderie and friendly banter, and you go home feeling rewarded and that you have contributed to a great cause.

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