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‘Regiment’ on parade at Nene Valley

Updated: May 7

55009, still masquerading as long-scrapped sister 55013 The Black Watch, arrived at the Nene Valley Railway on May 7. Allelys Heavy Haulage transported the locomotive from the Great Central Railway. The transport and unloading went without a hitch.

The Deltic is booked to work various specials:

Driver Experience Courses

May 9, 10, 30, 31 - a few places are still available – please contact the NVR on its website

Deltic Freight Driving Course

May 17 – this event has already been sold out.

East Coast Giants

May 25, 26, 27. This event sees 55013 sharing the line with A1 60163 Tornado.

Thereafter, 55013 is booked to be hauled to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway for various appearances, including the Diesel Gala on June 14-16.


55013 approaches Wansford station, Nene Valley Railway on May 7. This was the original A1 trunk road prior to the present dual carriageway being built which crosses the NVR just west of the Wansford station.

It's all downhill from now on! 55013 begins its descent down the ramp to terra firma alongside the NVR's cafe on the left.

Photographs: Murray Brown.

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