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Another good turn out with activity spread across 15, 19 and a bit on 9 and sorting the Depot for next weekend's Model Rail Event. Please pay us a visit, 19 will be doing a few test runs up the Branch giving Brake Van rides.

55009. The only task done on 9 was to complete fitting the decals to 'B' side to completely restore the identity to 55009.

55015. TULYAR is now complete with all decals to suit the livery. It was interesting to see the variations of the spacing of these making reference to at least 6 books, what ever was done could be right, it just depends which book you compare with.

Today saw just the 'Delectricians' working inside, gradually working further through the wiring diagrams. One issue from a previous recent task was thought to be solved but this in turn created another. They are undeterred and just continued.

Work also continued with flatting down the exterior before the first coat of varnish was applied to No 2 end cab. Unfortunately, due to some rather quick temperature and humidity changes in late afternoon, a couple of runs appeared but as it was too late to rectify, a decision was made to leave it until the next working day.

55019. Work continued with the Annual 'C' exam with some running tests and the Brake test now that the loco is outside. Of an additional 9 tasks added by the Loco Manager, 6 were completed, 2 carried over, and the last, the collection next week of the 2 overhauled Driver's Straight Air Brake valves. The loco then had a thorough clean out on the whole of the inside.

DEPOT. During the last week we have taken delivery of about 30 second hand safety barriers to replace the aging white zig zag style we have. These were lined up and pressure cleaned before being put to duty and the others retired away. A few small tidy up jobs were done as well.

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